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The TF2 Backpack Examiner allows you to view the contents of any player's backpack. If you register an account, it can also help you to find other players to trade items with.


The following people have contributed to the TF2 Backpack Examiner site.

Tony "Drunken F00l" Paloma

Drunken F00l

Tony has always had a curiosity for exploring new systems and is always looking to expand his programming skills. When the item system was added to Team Fortress 2, he immediately began investigating to see what he could do with it. His investigation eventually led to the development of this website, among other things.

He has been programming plugins and modifications for Team Fortress since 2001. He released a plugin called AdminOP for Team Fortress Classic in October of 2001 which allowed admins to manage their servers, gave players extra abilities, and allowed admins to modify the game world. Some of the popular features were split into their own plugins. Ent Mod and Hook Mod were two of those which became popular across several Half-Life mods.

After Half-Life 2 was released, Tony wasted no time working on similar plugins for it. In August of 2005, he released SourceOP which worked with multiple Half-Life 2 mods. Similar to AdminOP, it provided admins with the ability to manage their servers and also give players extra abilities. These include deployable snarks (from HL1), a jetpack, and a buildable radio. The plugin also allows for admins to remotely connect to their server to manage it. Later enhancements allow for the plugin to work on the Orangebox engine (and thus TF2) as well as a flexible Lua scripting engine. However, these enhancements have yet to be released publicly.

He has been running SourceOP.com game servers for Team Fortress 2 since the beta was made available. It fosters a great community of players with a large number of regulars. Many of the servers remain full day and night and are ranked highly by game-ranking websites.



Nephyrin, who works as a web developer, used his knowledge to assist Tony in the development of this website. He didn't directly write any of the site's code, but without him the site probably would not exist. He was very helpful with the XHTML and Javascript aspects of the site, an area in which Tony had not yet had much experience, as well as driving the site in a good overall direction.

Nephyrin and Tony have worked together and with the Source Engine mod community extensively. Several TF2 and Source Engine exploits have been patched due to their collaboration.

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